Tagliovivo Marsupio Culatta Reverse

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Zip CrossBody bag is a practical and elegant small satchel made in vegetable-tanned gray culatta reverse leather.
It has an inside leather zipped pocket and a back one.
No lining. The strap’s rings are made of wrought iron by hand.
Each piece is unique.
This bag is an artisanal product and a one-of-a-kind object that will last a lifetime. The item you will purchase is the one you see in the pictures.


width 21 cm
length 5 cm
height 26 cm

width 8.3 inches
length 2.0 inches
height 10.2 inches


Vegetable-tanned culatta leather.
No lining.
Wrought iron rings.


One feature of vegetable-tanned leather is the patina it acquires over time, so don’t worry about using your bag. Avoid contact with water and make sure not to get the leather soaked. If you do, dry your item immediately by spreading the water out evenly. If stained, applying any care product might create a wider stain. To clean your bag, use a soft cotton cloth with glycerin soap, and apply it to the whole surface. The process will help to nourish the leather and make your bag live longer.

Differences in tone, shading, gradation, and the possible alterations of the material, along with stains, scratches, and patina, are regarded as a sign of quality and belong to the product’s normal aging process.

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